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faqWho Can Attend WPCC? 

Students currently enrolled in high school in Warrick County School Corporation may attend during their Junior and Senior years when accepted into the program.


What programs are available to me? 

Advanced Manufacturing: Precision Machining

Advanced Manufacturing: Industrial Maintenance

Architecture & Construction: Civil Construction (Heavy Highway)  

Health Sciences: Biomedical Science - PLTW

Health Sciences: Exercise Science/Physical Therapy

Health Sciences: Emergency Medical Technician - EMT

Health Sciences: Pre-Nursing (CNA)

Health Sciences: Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)


Are there course prerequisites?

For each pathway, there are recommended courses in the 9th and 10th grade years to best prepare you for the WPCC pathways. Please see your counselor to discuss your course planning. 


May I still attend the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center?

Yes. If WPCC does not have your program of study or if you do not get accepted to WPCC, you may still apply to and attend SICTC if accepted. 


What time do I attend?                                                                                    

Students will attend WPCC half day and will attend their high school the other half of the day. Typically, first-year students attend in the morning and 2nd-year students in the afternoon. 


How do I get to WPCC? 

WPCC is located directly behind Walmart in Boonville at 1201 American Way. Bus transportation will be provided. With documented permission from parents, we allow students to drive their personal vehicles. Some parents drop off and pick up students as well.


When will I eat lunch?

The a.m. end time and p.m. start time both allow you to eat lunch at your high school. You are welcome to bring your lunch or purchase a snack from the vending area in the Commons at WPCC as long as you get to class on time. 



May I still participate in sports and clubs at my high school?

Yes. Students may still participate in their high school activities. Afternoon students can still get back to their school by the end of their school day to participate in practices and meetings. When meetings and/or events are held during the school day at their sending school, students are allowed to attend those activities with permission from their instructor. 


What are the benefits of attending WPCC?

There are many benefits of attending WPCC. Most programs are taught by instructors who have spent time in the field in which they are teaching. You then have the opportunity to learn a set of skills that will uniquely prepare you for your next step into college or career. You will also learn using state of the art equipment that rivals many college labs. Every program offers college credit and some offer industry credentials. Additionally, successful completion of a respective program will result in a graduation pathway toward fulfillment of graduation requirements. 


How do I apply?

Please see your Guidance Counselor for more information on applying for the upcoming school year.