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WPCC Administration


Welcome to the Warrick Pathways and Career Center where we are committed to inspiring excellence; every learner, every day! 

Our commitment is to provide an excellent education for all of our students from the moment they join us through graduation and beyond. We have an incredible staff that is committed to supporting our students as essential members of our school community.  Students are encouraged to be the drivers of their learning and to take the lead in exploring new ideas and enriching their passions! We are focused on creating pathways for learning that will empower our students and create strong community connections. 

Our school is a virtual melting pot with students from all WCSC high schools and our team works hard to create a culture of respect and positive relationships.  Our teachers are committed to embedding this into their daily learning while also seeking to bring value to each student. We will always strive to provide a safe and caring school community.  WPCC promotes the traits of respect and belonging within our diverse school community so it echoes into our greater community as well. We work daily to embrace the cultural and ideological differences in our school so we learn from one another and bring value to all members of our school, community, and world.

Thank you for choosing the Warrick Pathways and Career Center and for your support for our students, staff, and community!